Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I love and crave a simple life. I am learning to value the small and seemingly insignificant aspects of life. And with a perspective of immense and deep gratitude, I am learning that they are the big things. Little things add up to make a great big happy life. Here are just a few of my many happies, great and small:

Paul is the greatest blessing that has ever graced my life. He has given me more than I have ever appreciated him for. He brought so much goodness to a twenty-something girl that thought she may never get to realize the dreams of a family. From the day we first met to where I am today, he has only increased the good in all aspects of my life. Thank you Paul if you're reading this for blessing my life so immensely. I am indebted to you for everything.

I realize I am living my dream as a mother. I have always wanted children (pretty much since I was a child myself) and am so grateful to be raising these precious little souls. They are a each a dream come true in my life and I am thankful for every day I wake up with them and each moment I spend with them. They're so precious. I don't ever want to take this priceless thing called motherhood for granted. We mothers are so lucky to experience it. Every day.

I am so grateful to have my own set of loving parents, 7 siblings with their spouses and children, a living grandmother and grandparents I knew loved me, uncles, aunts, in-laws, cousins..... I am lucky to have family all around me. So many people I realize are without their families and I can only imagine how empty that must feel at times. I take this blessing for granted too often. What a blessing extended family is.

I am lucky to live in the beautiful state of Utah. I've always thought of myself as a girl that could live anywhere and be happy and I think that with my own family I could be happy anywhere. But right now in my life, this is where I live and I count myself really lucky to have these beautiful mountains!

What are you grateful for every day? What's coming tomorrow that makes you excited just to wake up? I know that at night I am so thankful to have a bed and all the comforts that make us such an opulent and spoiled nation.....


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Catching up....catching up....catching.............up...............

Like the title of this post, my writing is a little........lagging.

When did writing become so hard? I have never been successful at writing daily. Not for a journal. Not for school. Definitely not the old blog. But February? Seriously. Michael was 5 months old the last time I posted. Ouch. He's almost ten months. Time is flying by like a hurricane. But I am missing all the beautiful details because I am not recording them. Writing helps clear the debris from that raging storm and shows the secure life, still plodding on. So I'm stepping inside from the storm, shaking off the rain, cozying up with a snuggly sweater and catching ya'll up on life with the Shades.

First things first, HELLO SUMMER!!! I am in heaven with warm sun, cool breezes and, wait for it, g.r.a.s.s. Yep, the Shades finally have a lawn! 1/3 of it, that is. The rest is on it's way, lagging like this post. Right now, Hannah and I are digging - literally if we're not careful - our new sod. It is so refreshing for my eyes to see green next to our brown dirt, brown house with brown trim, brown mountains. Especially after a sweet trip back East, which brings me to my second update:

Family Vacation! We made our yearly pilgrimage to Delaware to see the Shades out there (Paul's mom and sibs, Drew and Michelle and their girls and Jason and Tenelle who live here but flew out for the week). It was long, memorable, and humid. Actually, really not that bad. And considering they have a beach. Aaaaaah, a beach...... OK, back to reality. Yeah, I could live with the humidity in exchange for a beach. Hannah and Michael feel pretty much the same way about the beach as I do. They loved it. And I wish we could have spent every single day there. But we were a good hour and a half from the nice beaches and we basically went to see family, not the beach. Besides which we were car-less. Otherwise I would have insisted on more beach time. It was magical for the kids. They just fell into a beachy trance, digging in sand, eating sand, playing in water, napping in tents, playing with sandy toys, eating sandy food and essentially becoming sugared from the neck down with soft fine sand. And loving it. I just might cry right now.

I. miss. the. beach.

But as I said, we went to see family. This was the first time in 5 years that all six of the Shade children were together. Well, Sharla showed her face a few times but she was there for pictures. And watching slides. She has a boyfriend. And she works 3 jobs so.....the rest of us hung out and had fun. Drew and Michelle are moving this month to Ohio for Drew's new professorship at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash so it may be a while yet before we're all together again. Their girls have grown so much and it was the first time they all met Michael. Seeing the five cousins together for a whole week was a lot of fun. We are going to miss everyone like crazy. Especially those girls. Luckily, they are still within somewhat-reasonable-driving-distance to DE so hopefully next time we plan a trip out they can be there too. Someday we'll probably attempt a road trip out to see them in Ohio. That would be fun.

There's obviously a LOT more that has happened since February namely Easter and several other holidays, etc., but I've just about blown a circuit just catching up with all this. So, I commit to write again soon. It was nice to have a brief reprieve. For now, I'll don my hat and boots and back into the whirlwind of life I go!

[I don't mind editing/altering posts post-publishing. So, this isn't a promise, but if I manage to find another window of solitude, I may add pictures to my update.... ;)]